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WetWesties members and their vehicles (really out of date!)


Or visit our MEMBERS HOMEPAGES! (really out of date!)

Wetwesties Members Pix from Yahoo!


Here are all the pics that were in the pictures section of the Yahoo group page!

Extreme road trips!


Includes our own Cris Torlasco. Looking for real adventure??

Dick O'Kane's Stories From Road & Track



Oil crisis? What oil crisis???



Journeys Under Difficult Conditions / Tropical Climate Operation


Volkswagen AG's Technical Recommendation for "Journeys Under Difficult Conditions" and Instructions for "Tropical Climate Operation".

Fafner the Dragon


Julio Cortazar's "Fafner the Dragon" (Cris T.'s bus was named in honor of this wonderful short story about the author's Westfalia).

Some Warholian bus art



1990 Vanagon ad


Not Astro, not Caravan, not Aerostar...

Roll Your Own


As seen in the 1980 Whole Earth Catalog

Birth certificate


Volkswagen AG's "birth certificate" for Cris T.'s two busses

Used car buyer's checklist


A bus/westie buyer's checklist , by WetWestian Tobin Copley.

Why you should never park your bus close to a big tree...



Towing truck? We don't need no stinkin' towing truck!





Pics of an LT-31with german license plates, as seen traveling through the Oregon coast in June 1998.

Bus Fleet


Lane Transit District (Eugene, OR) bus fleet and their proud drivers during the late 60s. An additional interesting fact about this photo is that Cris T. works in the building pictured!

Apple & VW


What do they have in common? Read it and find out.

The Air Cooled Volkswagen Junkyard of Richfield Ohio


Interesting reading...


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