OR Catherine Creek ReUnion


Let’s do this again! Join us as we celebrate more than 27 years of WetWesties. It’s been longer than I can comfortably keep track of. From 10 buses to as many as we can get in. (I think the record was 47 buses and a couple SOBs.)

Catherine Creek State Park is where it all began in 1997. Come celebrate with us in a quiet wayside campground with just a bunch friends camping together. Old friends that you’ve known for years and years and new friends you just haven’t met yet.


Catherine Creek is a first come, first serve campground, but we’ve been doing this for so long that WetWesties meets as a ‘OPRD Special Event’ and therefore reserve about a dozen sites. We can double/triple/quadruple up if need be. So, no individual reservations are needed. Please do not fill out a OPRD envelope for the Sep. 6-8 dates. As a ‘special event’, we will collect from you and see that the park fees are taken care of. If you come early or stay late, the other days are your responsibility.

Last Year’s General Advisory (From OPRD):

Effective August 16, 2023

No wood fires, charcoal briquettes, pellet-fueled grills, candles, tiki torches and other devices that emit flames or embers and cannot be turned off with a valve. Portable cooking stoves, barbecues, fire pits, and lanterns using liquefied or bottle fuels are allowed.

If you have a portable gas fire pit, you’re more that welcome to use it.

Tradational Saturday evening Potluck will happen unless someone comes up with a good reason not to.

I’m expecting the fee to be ~$25/bus for Friday night-Saturday night camping.

Any questions? Don’t be shy. Drop me a note: jim@wetwesties.org or message me (Jim Arnott) on the FB.