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From the venerable Splitty to the Eurovan. Factory camper to the home built "Westfakia". If you camp out of your VW you have found the right place!

Do you enjoy the Pacific Northwest's outdoors? Do you admire the engineering simplicity of those older VW buses, or the refinements of the later Vanagons and Eurovans? Or perhaps you are aware of the extraordinary design qualities of Westfalias or the versatility of Syncros...Then this is the right group for you!

Our "members" (read that in an unofficial/non-bureaucratic/no-fee way) have a wide variety of backgrounds (an interesting mix, really) but we all share a common interest in VW buses, traveling, camping and exploring the beautiful Northwest landscapes.We meet informally throughout the year, usually for weekend trips, much more frequently during the summer months, in a very family compatible environment. As an added bonus, I am pleased to say we have some excellent cooks among our forces, which makes each outing even more rewarding...The campgrounds chosen are sometimes in very well known and conveniently located places, other times remote and primitive. It is a great way to fully know your region, and meet some of the Northwest's best people.

We also meet in cyberspace, through a "list-serv" program, which forwards e-mail from any one person on the "list" to all others. Click the 'How to Join' link to the left to subscribe to the mailing list.

From Boise to the Pacific coast, and from Ashland to B.C., this is... WetWesties

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Member count as of 10/6/16: 2441

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