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26 May 2017
Title Time Duration Description
Camp - OR - Floras Lake - Mudfest No duration *NOTE* As an experiment we are having the "mudfest" at a different location this year. We are having it near Langlois, OR. See below.

By popular demand, we are having the 4th installment of the Floras Lake (Langlois, OR) campout. May 26th - May29th.

For those of your folks that don't know, Floras Lake is about 17 miles south (and a bit west) of Bandon, OR.

This is dry camping, with an outhouse (Kybo), with limited power available to charge your phones and such.

All sorts of activities are available: windsurfing, kite boarding, hiking, beachcombing, etc.

As always, we will have potluck Saturday night. And, please bring firewood.

Camping is free.

And now with directions (it's kind of hard to find, I'll warn you):

A) Hwy 101 is the only way to get there, so if you are heading south on
101, watch for the Floras Lake/Boice Cope park sign. Turn right onto Floras
Lake loop. And then turn right on Floras Lake Rd*.

B) If you are heading north on 101, turn left on Floras Lake Loop, and
then turn left on Floras Lake Rd*.

*Floras Lake Rd. used to be called Boice Cope. I think there are still
some places labeled as such.

C) Floras Lake loop, is well, a loop. So no matter which way you are
going, you have a second chance off of Hwy 101 in a mile. Proceed to D.

D) You are now on Floras Lake/Boice Cope Rd. Continue on Floras Lake Rd.
(not loop) for about a mile. You will see a sign for Boice Cope
Campground. DO NOT TURN RIGHT! You are not going to the campground. Keep
going straight. You will see a sign that says something like "No RV turn
around", and the road will curve to the right. Keep going. It turns into
Lakeshore Dr. Go another 100 yards or so, and slow down! Lakeshore will
curve to the left.

Watch carefully for Oceanside drive on your right. It's at the curve.

If you get to a dead end on the pavement, you've gone too far. The turn
was about 100 yards behind you.

E) Turn right on Oceanside Dr. It's a gravel road. Continue about 100
yards on this gravel "road". It will feel like you are driving through
someones yard. You will pass a couple houses on your left, and you will
see a wooden gate in front of you. That's not the destination.

Veer to the right. I'll have something there that's obvious, like a VW
flag (if I remember to bring it).

F) Go another hundred feet, and you will pass a metal gate that's
open. You are almost there. Keep going, and you will see a cabin and an RV
shelter. You are there!!! Congratulations.

I don't have an address, so nothing convenient like that you can google.
But, my neighbor's address is 47398 Oceanside Dr, Langlois, OR 97450. That
will get you within shouting distance. Call me if you get lost (yes, there
is cell service there, at least with Verizon): 541 619 6490.

The GPS coordinates are (if google maps is correct):
42.896918, -124.500107

Contact: jon@kenneke.com